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Dark Sanctuary - New Wallpaper - 07/07/2002

A new wallpaper from the new album's layout is now available in the goodies section.

Dark Sanctuary - New web site online ! - 21/06/2002

The new web site is online ! You can find now all our lyrics, and some translations. You can find too some new pictures from our last recording session, and a short Mp3 of our new single. There's also a new guest book, but the old one is still available.

Dark Sanctuary - New Album recorded ! - 10/06/2002

The new album is finally recorded. It's called " l'être las - l'envers du miroir ". The release date is September 2002. A single will be released too in June 2002. More info soon.

Dark Sanctuary - New album info - 30/10/2001

The Band will enter in studio in March 2002 in order to record its 3rd Album. More info soon.

Dark Sanctuary - Site update - 01/02/2001

Live pictures are now available. There's too a full Mp3 from our new album "De Lumière et d'Obscurité".

Dark Sanctuary - Happy new year 2001 - 01/01/2001

Happy new Year ! Thanks everybody for your supports and for all who signed our guest book !

Dark Sanctuary - New album - 07/11/2000

The new album "De Lumière et d'Obscurité" is now available ! See your local distributor, or send an e-mail to : Wounded Love Record.

Dark Sanctuary - New album delayed - 25/10/2000

The new album "l'être las - l'envers du miroir" is delayed, due to an error of manufacture. It will be available near the end of November.

Dark Sanctuary - Interview D-Side - 12/09/2000

An interview, a review, and an audio track of our album "l'être las - l'envers du miroir" is available in the French mag D-Side.

Dark Sanctuary - New server - 02/09/2000

We will transfer the whole site to a new server this week. So, you could have some difficulties to reach our web pages.

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