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Dark Sanctuary - Dead Can Dance tribute - 01/09/2005

Projekt will release the 6th September 2005 a compilation called "Summoning of the muse ~ a tribute to Dead Can Dance", featuring bands like Dark Sanctuary, Arcana, Faith the Muse, Black tape for a blue girl, Rajna or Stoa.

Dark Sanctuary - "Thoughts" is available today ! - 12/07/2005

The compilation "Thoughts : 9 years in the sanctuary" is now available in North America, released by our friends from Projekt.

Dark Sanctuary - Recording news - 12/07/2005

The band is actually recording its 5th album, "Exaudi Vocem Meam", at Klangschmiede E-Studio in Germany. Every thing's going well and as far as we can tell this new opus dwells in the good old Dark Sanctuary's tradition : atmospherical, rhythmical and lyrical.

Dark Sanctuary - Preparing the new album - 24/04/2005

The new album is under preparation. All songs are composed and ready to be recorded. We will enter in studio in July 2005 for a full month. More info soon.

Dark Sanctuary - Back again ! - 21/03/2005

At last ! Our web site is finally back again online with a new design. We hope you will like it.
2005 will be a particularly big year for us, as 4 new releases are planned,including a new album. Stay tune.

Dark Sanctuary - Compilation CD on Projekt - 21/03/2005

Our friends at Projekt will release a compilation CD in June 2005. The CD will feature 10 songs from our 4 albums,including an unreleased version of "Les Larmes du Méprisé" with more than 7 min of music. It will be available only in North America. However, people outside North America will be able to purchase it directly on Projekt web site.

Dark Sanctuary - 1st album re-release - 20/02/2004

Our 1st album, "Royaume Mélancolique", has been re-released on Wounded Love Records. This very limited edition comes in Digpack.

Dark Sanctuary - Concerts [updated] - 04/02/2004

These concert dates are confirmed :
- 3rd April, Vitoria, Spain
- 6th April, Paris , France
- 19th June, Nancy, France
- 26th June, Piacenza, Italy

Dark Sanctuary - New Album - 23/01/2004

The new album is ready ! It's called "les Mémoires Blessées", and will be release in Feb - March 2004. A limited edition will be available. Some concerts are also planned in France, Italy Spain and Germany. More info soon.

Dark Sanctuary - Studio recording - 09/08/2003

The band will enter in studio next week, in order to record the new album. This one actually has 13 songs, and will long around 70 minutes. As for "l'être las - l'envers du miroir", the new album will be recorded at Klangschmiede Studio E in Germany.

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