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Dark Sanctuary - Last album of Dark Sanctuary - 27/07/2009

After 13 years of existence and 7 albums, the band has decided to have a break for an indefinite duration. It goes without saying that this decision was not taken without due consideration and that we have been thinking about it for more than a year now. The different events of these last months, the line-up changing, the delay of our new album and more aside, have induced us to chance our course.

The reasons of this choice are multiple. We are not as young as we were at the beginning of this adventure and it is unfortunately more and more difficult to combine our private lives, our professional careers, and in the same way to find time for Dark Sanctuary, whether it is for the writing, recording, rehearsing of the music or for the concerts. Moreover, we all feel the necessity to explore other shores musically speaking, and to do so we need to break a bit away from the restraints that Dark Sanctuary lays down on us, preventing us to devote all of our time to our different side-projects.

This new album will consequently be the last one that we will record with Dark sanctuary. However, other pieces of our former recordings, that were previously unreleased, or may be live recordings should eventually be available between 2010 and 2011.

Moreover, after a long dialogue, we have finally decided to give only one single concerts in 2009, the last one that we will ever do with Dark Sanctuary. Firstly for the pleasure to play live, but also for the persons who wanted to see us live for one last time or for those who had never had the occasion to come to one of our concerts.

At the present time, we have no idea of what tomorrow will be made of, though it is likely for us to feel the need to come back to Dark Sanctuary in 3, 5 or even 10 years, but we cannot insist on this idea with certainty. Yet, one thing is absolutely sure: we won’t stop music for all that, and most of us already have musical projects.

Thanks a lot to all of you for your support and for going part of the way with us… you have been the most exquisite company…

Dark Sanctuary - Unique Dark Sanctuary concert for 2009 - 18/05/2009

Unique Dark Sanctuary concert for 2009

We're proud to announce our unique and only show for 2009 !
It will take place the 3rd October at St Pancras Parish Church, London. It will be our 1st show in the UK, and probably the only one we will ever do.
Tickets are aivailable at http://www.wegottickets.com/event/50386

Dark Sanctuary - Aurak Apocalypse, Spotlight on Projekt Records - 12/02/2009

Projekt Records was the spotlight on DJ Merrick's podcast, including song from Dark Sanctuary, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Unto Ashes, Arcana and many more.

You can listen the podcast at the following address :

Dark Sanctuary - A message for our German fans - 23/01/2009

Wir danken allen unseren Fans in Deutschland für die vielen positiven
e-mails und Nachrichten und freuen uns sehr über die Unterstützung, die wir
bekommen. Danke, dass ihr da seid und danke für all die Liebe!

We wanted to thanks our German fan for all their message and support they
give us recently. Thanks for being there, and loving us

Dark Sanctuary - New album : collaboration between Dark Sanctuary and Victoria Francés - 12/01/2009

New album : collaboration between Dark Sanctuary and Victoria Francés

You may have guessed that this 7th album is a bit special in the band's career. It is indeed the fruit of a collaboration between Dark Sanctuary and the Spanish drawer Victoria Francés, renowned for her romantic and gothic illustrations.

We had been in contact together for quite a long time, and appreciated our works respectively. Our worlds being very close, it was easy and logical to imagine a collaboration, which would unite music and picture within the same collection. We both delightedly entered the process of creation and are still currently finishing off the musical part of it.

We don't have much detail about this opus yet, though it should be available as a book inluding the cd, and as a simple cd containing few illustrations.
We are all very enthusiasts about this project and hope this common work will please you as much as we are pleased to make it.

Dark Sanctuary - Dark Sanctuary is looking for concert dates ! - 30/12/2008

We're actually searching for concert dates.

As we don't have too much time, we will focus ourself only in 3 or 4 selected dates just after the release of our new album in 2009.

If you are interested, or know someone who should be, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks you

Dark Sanctuary is looking for concert dates !

Dark Sanctuary - New album recording - 29/12/2008

Our new and 7th album is currently being recorded. It is made of three separate parts, each one containing 4 tracks. These three parts are musically very different and are united in the most eclectic album that we have ever recorded.

This opus being very varied, it was tough to find a name that would fit, we have therefore decided to call it simply "Dark Sanctuary" for it represents a bit of all the band's musical facets.

For the 1st time we are recording in our own studio, and had to manage the different technical problems that happened. At the present time, 80% of our tracks are recorded and everything should be ready for mid-February.

Dark Sanctuary - Eliane and Marguerite have left Dark Sanctuary - 30/11/2008

We wanted to inform you that our two violonists, Eliane and Marguerite, members of the band during respectively 10 and 8 years, have left Dark Sanctuary in 2008.

The reasons for this departure are too complicated to be detailed in few lines, for after all these years our relationship went beyond the bounds of a mere musical environment.

We are making a point though of thanking them warmly for their involvement in the band through all these years, Dark Sanctuary being what it is now thanks to their presence.

Dark Sanctuary - Album re-release - 20/08/2008

Some of our previous albums has just been re-release on Peaceville !

Dark Sanctuary - New album on the way - 20/08/2008

We're currently recording a new album, for the first time on our own studio. We hope to have everything ready for Christmas.
More info soon !

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